Friday Favorites

Featuring this spoonula from GIR

Happy May 1st, y’all! Thanks for checking out my very first edition of Friday Favorites! Each week I’ll be sharing a little update on my week along with five of my favorite finds (think skincare, clothes, recipes, tv shows, home goods, toys, you name it). This week, I’ve felt a positive shift in my motivation to care for myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Things had started to slide during quarantine, but I’m consciously working on living with a sense of purpose and a touch of zest (just love that word). One of the outcomes of this newfound motivation is that I’m finally getting back to the blog after stepping away for awhile, and it feels really great to get out there again. 


The No-Knead Bread/ Just like so many others of you, John hopped on the quarantine bread-making train. This no-knead recipe from Binging with Babish is so easy, requires so few ingredients, and is absolutely delicious. It does require yeast, which is hard to come by right now, but only a very small amount. (Believe it or not, John got his from Ebay!) We’ve been dropping off fresh-baked loaves for friends almost daily!


The Hulu Series/ I’m probably not the first person to urge you to watch Little Fires Everywhere, nor will I be the last. I read the book a few months ago, and while the show is different in many ways, it absolutely lives up to the hype. Stream that ‘ish immediately.


The Spoonula/ This multipurpose silicone tool is my most-used kitchen utensil. Scooping, scraping, flipping- it’s got you covered. The BEST part- it comes in so many fun colors! We love it so much that we went ahead this week and ordered a full set of GIR (“GEAR”) tools. **GIR is also making reusable silicone face masks for adults and kids with the option of donating one to an essential worker in need.


The Serum/ I’ve been applying the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum every morning and night for the past few months, and my skin feels so hydrated. I also love knowing that the product is made with natural ingredients and that Mad Hippie is dedicated to preservation of the environment. $1 from every online sale is dedicated to conservation. **Mad Hippie is currently donating an additional $1 from every web sale to Meals on Wheels America during the coronavirus crisis.


The Virtual Yoga/  I cannot recommend the Down Dog app more. It’s been my go-to workout for the past two weeks, and I love it because it’s just so convenient. The app allows you to create your own custom practice by choosing a type of yoga, level, boost (area of focus), length of practice, and length of savasana. You can even customize the type of music and your “teacher’s” voice. **Down Dog is FREE until June 1st for everyone and July 1st for students, teachers, and healthcare professionals.



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