My Review of Your Favorite Leggings- with Pockets!

I’ve been wearing the same two ratty old pairs of leggings since the beginning of quarantine. Imagine major pilling, permanently embedded dog hair, and baby food stains everywhere. Not to mention, when I go for walks, they’re constantly falling down. I’m sure all of my neighbors have noticed me hiking my pants up at the crotch!

So I figured it was finally time to invest in some new ones. In an Instagram poll a few weeks ago, I asked you all to share your favorite leggings, and you had some great recommendations. So many, in fact, that I just could not afford to try them all! Ultimately I made the executive decision to only try leggings WITH POCKETS because LADIES NEED POCKETS TOO! This is my new feminist manifesto.

These are the five brands I landed on:

  1. Lululemon
  2. Colorfulkoala
  3. Zella
  4. Beyond Yoga
  5. Sweaty Betty

Below is a full review of each pair I tried, including price, style, fit, and my overall thoughts. At the end, you’ll see which pairs I ultimately kept and which I returned (because most quality leggings are $$$).

1. Lululemon- Align II Pant 25″

  • Cost– $$$
  • Adequate Pockets– Not really. These are advertised as having a pocket, but it’s just a tiny one in the waistband. While my iPhone does fit, it’s an awkward placement. It would feel strange to have to dig into my waistband in public just to access my pocket.
  • Style– Variety of colors and prints.
  • Fit– True to size. Hits just above belly button.
  • My Thoughts– Heaven on Earth. I hate to admit it, but these leggings are worth the price. They’re incredibly soft and stretchy, yet smoothing and sculpting. These may be the best leggings I’ve ever put on my body. However, I have heard that they’re not the best for high-intensity workouts, and that makes sense because they don’t have the same level of compression as some other styles out there.

2. Colorfulkoala- High Waisted Yoga Pants with Pockets

  • Cost– $
  • Adequate Pockets– Yes. Two large side pockets.
  • Style– Variety of colors and prints.
  • Fit– True to size. Hits just above belly button.
  • My Thoughts– Several of you told me that these are your favorite Lulu dupes, and I see why. The fabric and fit are similar but not quite as stretchy or buttery as Lulu. On the other hand, ColorfulKoala has a far superior pocket situation compared to their more pricey counterpart. And they have more compression if that’s what you’re looking for. For a true budget pick, these are fantastic!

3. Zella- Studio Lite High Waist Pocket Leggings

  • Cost– $$
  • Adequate Pockets– Yes. Two large side pockets.
  • Style– Low color variety. No prints.
  • Fit– Runs slightly large. Hits just above belly button. Some gaping at the waist.
  • My Thoughts– So far, these are more comfortable than ColorfulKoala and less comfy than the Lulu Align. The fit and fabric aren’t as smoothing as the Lulus either. But again- they have real pockets! If you’re looking for a quality, less expensive pair of leggings, I still think these are a great choice.

4. Beyond Yoga- Out of Pocket High Waisted Midi Legging

  • Cost– $$$
  • Adequate Pockets– Yes. Two large side pockets.
  • Style– A variety of colors, all in a subtle space-dye print.
  • Fit– True to size. Very high rise (almost to bra line).
  • My Thoughts– Wow! These feel like velvet! While the fabric is incredibly soft and cozy, it’s also thicker than the other options. I could see these being great for lounging around the house or a gentle yoga practice, but I feel like I’d overheat in the summer months or during a challenging workout. Also, despite being advertised as a “midi length” these were full length on me with some extra fabric at the ankles. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for warm and cozy.

5. Sweaty Betty- Power Workout Leggings

  • Cost– $$$
  • Adequate Pockets– Yes. One large side pocket and one small zipper pocket on the back.
  • Style– Variety of colors and prints.
  • Fit– True to size. Hits just above belly button.
  • My Thoughts– These leggings are built for serious workouts and hot temps. The fabric is cool to the touch and less plush than the other options. They have a fair amount of compression and are sculpting in ALL the right places. I think this is the most flattering pair in the bunch. On the flip side, they’re not as cozy as the other options. The fabric on the waistband is a little tighter and stiffer, and I can imagine it digging in to my waistline while I’m lounging on the couch. Overall, an awesome legging- for working out!

Alright, so at this point you must be wondering which were actually good enough to keep. Truth is, your recommendations were on point. These are all great, quality leggings. What you choose ultimately has to do with your personal preferences and your workout style. Here were the pairs I settled on for my lifestyle:


  • Lululemon Align II 25″// I KNOW. The whole point of this was to find leggings with pockets. But after trying these on, I didn’t even have to think about it. I immediately ripped off the tags because these leggings are simply the best I’ve ever worn. I’ve never spent this much on leggings before, but they’re worth every penny. For these, I can put up with a puny waistband pocket.
  • Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings// It’s getting really hot in Atlanta, and I’m starting to sweat during outdoor walks. I love how cooling these leggings are, and I hope they stand up to the heat. Plus, it’s great to have one pair that’s made for serious workouts.



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