Friday Favorites

Cheers, y’all. We made it through another week at home. John and I spent most of this week eating strawberries until our bellies hurt and chasing after our little monkey baby, who loves to clamber up anything he can. Alden’s most recent obsession is to climb from the couch or the chair to the top of the Kallax cube shelves. We cannot take our eyes- or hands- off him for a second! My hyper-vigilance on him has taken up just about all of my brain space lately, but I’ve been trying to practice more mindfulness when I can and find joy in the little moments.

Here are a few of my favorite happy things from this week:


The Little Getaway/ If you’ve been following my Instagram this week, you know we went strawberry picking at Southern Belle Farm last weekend and had a great time. I highly recommend taking the drive and changing up your scenery for a few hours. If you don’t live in Atlanta, find somewhere near you to pick strawberries, peaches, or whatever is available in your area right now. I do have some suggestions, though. First, call ahead to make sure they’re open. Southern Belle closes regularly to allow the berries to ripen, which is well worth the wait! Second, try to go on a weekday if possible. There were a lot of people there on the weekend. While we were able to social distance in the fields, the line for the market was incredibly long. Last, if you do go on the weekend, get there right when they open! You’ll get the best berries and avoid the crowds.


The Summer Strawberry Salad/ The combination of strawberries with basil and feta is always a winning combination. Add in sweet corn and avocado, and you’ve really won me over! I’ve made this salad for lunch every day with our fresh picked strawberries. I doubled the dressing recipe to be sure I had enough to last the week. I don’t think I could ever get sick of it!


The Local Coffee Roasters/ A few years ago some friends of ours started Zero Mile Roasters, and to be honest- we thought they were a little crazy. But now here they are with this thriving business and some of the best small-batch artisan coffees around! All of the coffees are fair-trade and sustainable, and 10% of each purchase is donated to one of the causes they support.


The Herb Planter/ This herb planter was a lovely wedding gift, and I have been getting so much use out of it lately! I planted rosemary (straight from the grocery store) and oregano seeds, and they’re thriving! I keep them in my kitchen window and water them once per week, and voila- we have a thriving kitchen “garden”! While I use the herbs regularly for cooking, I also love the pop of green they add to the room. Oh, and it’s ON SALE now!


The Movie/ For the first time in a while, John and I were able to make it through a whole movie together without falling asleep! If you haven’t seen Good Boys yet, get on it! It’s absolutely hilarious and took us straight back to middle school- in the best way. It’s available on HBO and Amazon Prime.



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