Fall Toddler Craft :: Apple Tree

Alden and I had a little outing to The Bunny Hive last week to try one of their newest classes, Art Hour!

I won’t lie, when my friends share the cute art projects their toddlers bring home from school, I’m always a smidge jealous. The former teacher in me misses coming up with little crafts like these for kids to create and enjoy. I’ll also be honest that I’m just not one to go through the effort to do those things at home!

That’s where The Bunny Hive comes in. Our experience was so fantastic and SAFE during Covid times because the class sizes are very limited (there were only 3 families there when we went), the art stations are set apart for social distancing, and all adults must wear masks.

When we arrived, the teacher had the cutest model project displayed for parents to try with their littles. There was also an “art cart” set up if people wanted to do their own thing, but I thought this craft was too cute to resist!

Check out the instructions below if you want to make it yourself (though it’s pretty self-explanatory), and I hope you’ll make it to Art Hour soon for more projects like this one.

Toddler Apple Tree Craft

Make a sweet apple tree by tracing your little one's arm and hand!
Total Time10 minutes


  • 5-10 red, green, and/or yellow pom-poms
  • 1 piece brown construction paper
  • 1 piece blue construction paper
  • 1 piece green construction paper
  • Elmer's Glue
  • crayons


  • Start by tracing your little one's forearm and hand on the brown construction paper. This will be your tree trunk and branches. (Caution: it tickles!) Cut it out, or let them try if they're old enough for scissors.
  • Cut the green paper into a cloud-shaped blob for the tree leaves.
  • Glue the green cutout to the blue paper (sky), and then glue the brown cutout on top, so the hand looks like branches and the forearm looks like a trunk.
  • Place a dime-sized glop of glue on each pom-pom, and let your toddler stick them down on the leaves. Yes, they will get sticky, and yes the sensory experience will be good for them!
  • Wash your toddler's grubby hands. (Actually, let's not kid ourselves: you'll probably also be washing their whole body!)
  • Once the pom-poms dry, let them color onto the scene if they wish! (Birds, grass, planes, their family, etc.)

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