Family Holiday Photos: What We’re Wearing

Family Holiday Photos: What We’re Wearing

Does anyone else find yourself scrambling to throw outfits together the night before family photos... Every. Single. Time? After a couple of years of regret, I'm finally getting more proactive this year and planning outfits well ahead of time. For this year's holiday photos, I went with a blue and green theme and found some [...]

My Mother’s Hands

Photo by Diana Lupu My mother doesn't like her hands. I remember the words she used to describe them when I was a child. Words of resentment, regret, reproach. She mourned the loss of their once youthful skin, now wrinkling as a rude testament to her age. She loathed the blue veins, “like snakes”, she [...]

Tips for Surviving Quarantine- with Baby (Plus our Daily Schedule!)

Quarantine life is hard. I know you feel it too. In the first few weeks I found myself binging on both Netflix and potato chips, grieving all my cancelled plans and really struggling to adjust to my new "normal". With so many changes coming so suddenly, my life felt out of control, and the Virgo [...]